boxtown look-it-ups

Listen, I wasn’t trying to outdo anybody. I wasn’t trying to win. The game. I have my own life, I don’t need to win it, as it is mine already, unless I must win it back.

Win it baack! they say.

Fuck, no. Plz, not, anything but that. I have it already, this is my life I am living, much like yours. Your life, yeah.

Great, whatever. Fantastic. What contribution would you like me to make? Should I put some chimney sweeps up in it? “Come, let us go get stories put to us in the form of chimney sweeps, let us be amazed by what we have only dreamed!” Until no more words were said about it at all until they were returned to, quietly, with modesty and decorum.

What kind of show was that? screams the rivers and waters, hollering joyfully thru the countryside narrowly avoiding rocks and whatever it was all supposed to be in the way of the ocean’s path of ever onward and upward, expanding into outer space, consuming Neptunes and the moons and oh I just could not even begin to describe that anymore. You’re going to have to come to your own conclusions and as to where that water went.

But anyway, hopefully they found out. I’ve been wondering why they’ve asked in the first place, myself. Let me know how that works out too. When you get back to me.

I know, I fell in love with the whole thing myself, crashing to the earth from time to time. But where do you think that would lead, who has the time for that?

Listen, sit down, you take second place, I’ll pass you the fucken hamburgers. I’ll hand you the fries. Eat them. I’m eating them. I’m having some too, chill TFO, I’ll deal with it. Whatever the problem was, whatever. Or first. Or not. I don’t care.

Who is this ravenous hellbeast asks NO ONE.

Hi, I’ll just sit down here, thx, watching a movie, FANTASTIC.Ravenous Hellbeast reporting for duty, sirs.

Great. You know what stops a ravenous hellbeast?

Knowing it’s proper name, or what it even really is. Sitting down politely and asking nothing of no one seems to be pretty auspicious in this heralding of the renouncement of lies that are just guesses. Idk. I assumed it was.

Ask the unidentified but readily substantive element of apparent existence, itself.


The End