Edward Tooth

Shoot this gun, he said to me. Take this laser pistol and shoot a laser beam at some aliens coming after us, you see them! Take the laser power!

I had never taken the laser power before, yet the aliens were persistent in their appearance. Pew Pew! I said.

I mean, I shot. I shot the laser pistol.

No, you didn’t, Grandpa!

Sure did. Ate those aliens for breakfast this next mornin’ on Fomalhaut 7.

There is no morning, Grandpa, the sun does not rise like that.

That’s right. Quick eye, you little scamps, why don’t you run along now and play.

I’m inventing a time machine that can replay your memories from Earth, Grandpa!

Great. Do that. Meeting adjourned.

Grandpa ended the commiseration of various talents and personalities that comprised his dear, loving children and moved on. Probably. Once the time machine was cleared to go from the Time Officials, everything was in the clear and Grandpa went back into the past and had to start all over again, maybe, but this time would be different.

Check it out for yourself.