It does ’em. Guac fackle. Make made up words that symbolize things in the mind. I’d be lying to you if it was any otherwise. This is a story, however. It’s the tale of le.

le was beside a reflection in a lake, peering to abyss below. There was the occasional phantasm of shape or sound and nothing else. A calm, silent night laid echoes into chambers of the heart. A figment of emptiness, a notion of and idea of a distant bowl of rice krispies. You know, snap crackle pop. Boom.

le doesn’t eat rice krispies, no one does in this story, but I’ll work that in like this:

A group of people were playing a card game. One asked another whose turn it was and they roll the dice to see who goes last. This is where things got exciting:

Not one particular reason or another was found to be under scrutiny. Hide in plain sight, they say.

Laugh. I did. I laughed. It was funny.

Don’t do this. I can’t really remember how this was supposed to end, but the end was like, don’t do any of this stuff at all, ever, don’t even try to remember or go back.


The End

Great! We did ’em!! I give this essay a solid B+++ really catchy jingle at the end.

-love, Ed