kip supra

Let’s just let all these rivers stream through the green foliage, indescribably timed to the drip-drip-drop of running water, from leaf to leaf, plinking into the next incandescent diamond-colored pool and tumbling to the very next below.

A meandering staircase of tiny tidal waves, ripples and splashes of gravity and some energy exchange of polarized icy coldness, all ion neutral, even kissed with the lips of a honeydew, and perhaps was purchased near racks of candy, or high-tech grocery store of your choosing, because reality had given you a pass to drink it, somehow, in some keen way, and you possessed it.

You might have paid cash. You may have just walked in the building and drank the water you found, but deep down inside, you swan dived into the eternal, boundless waters, as deep as they went, with no end, as there was nothing on the other side but more.

The rain was falling upwards, back into the clouds, soaking into an endless sky, and you were falling with it.

Eventually, you landed at your feet. “Ta-da!” you said. You went about your business after this, you literally went back to work or doing whatever it was you were doing.

The End