a glitter sprinkle

Ghastly gargoyles, mostly perched on sills, horror plastered all over their maudlin faces for a good long time until their rock bodies erode, chipped and etched away by sharp winds of tumult and chaos we could not begin to fathom or understand, readily available at your local old building, preferably over 100 years old for proper wear and indentation.

Frightening beasts of malady these hell-beings were. Fraught with peril, was their minds, as the stone-carver shed light on their inner substance, wrought forever, or again, a good long time, as the sun circles around the moon, or the moon circles around the earth, or the bees circle around the petals, or what have you.

Don’t be afraid of these contorted caricatures, I think they’re meant to be silly, in some fashions, as I believe they held some kind of symbolism for the church. I’m not sure if old, big banks put gargoyles on their buildings, but you may find some exceptions to this rule, splashed with crimson.