no bargains

In the year 30,000, men will not trade money for things they want. You are unable to figure out what you will have for breakfast tomorrow, a brick of salt and sugar, or genetically altered beans with ulterior motives, because you’re spending cash.

Cold, hard, dollar bills, the crispy green fellows, like Lincoln and Einstein. Put a lady on some money, they do in England, not America, and not only that, their lady is a Queen. She has royal power.

Oh well, say the men from the year 30,000. Screw that, our plans are much different than you hominids, bro.

Hominids, bro. Look it up, that and order me a cheeseburger. You don’t have to order me a cheeseburger, but if you looked up hominids, we’re like big apes. We have big, two handed bodies with heads, and these men in 30,000 are just not concerned with this shit, anymore.

Oh well, let’s have a party while we help them achieve this state of enlightenment down the blood line so they can one day not even be concerned with whatever we are.

Where did you come from? Says some advanced alien race 30,000 years in the future because we’ve become buddies with all kinds of shit by then.

I have a cat. I have a dog. You think we’re alone in the universe? In the year 10,000 A.D mankind genetically replicated some DNA alphabet soup and just kicked that can over a gravity loop into God knows where and 20,000 years later whatever that muck became, we befriended it.

Believe me or not, it’s your game. Where did you come from? Our sons ask us, from beyond the void.

It doesn’t matter, we say. It doesn’t matter, we were sitting around grass plains scratching our scalps for like 2,000 years and then we became able to make cyborgs. Fuck the rest of the universe, they said. We destroyed them.

It’s 30,000 years later now, we don’t care about this anymore. The concerns of humanity 30,000 years in the future could possibly even be riding the time-waves in this multi-dimensional existence we’d have access to by then and coming back here to make sure they fucking made it that far, because this was such a fragile part of existence.

I’m just saying. Don’t give up hope, believe in something.