evening minutes

33 eyeballs. That’s what I want when I go to a beauty salon with a gene editor. Make my hair pink and make it dance of it’s own free will, install a wi-fi chip into my damned earlobe so I can really listen to more Facebook posts, I mean, give me a break, I want to have moon landers for feet, so as to be a cyborg that can jump 100s of thousands of miles into the air at breakneck speed but I have no fucking neck because I am mostly robot, you take my cervical spine and you cut it up and parcel it out to the children who need this, I’ll take technology any day of the week to replace this hell-hole called reality.

Technology. Robots, lazers, weaponry, atomic chemicals, logos, brother. Give me the ability to teleport my brain, no wait, my mind. Put my mind in an advanced car, I will become a movie star.

Tee-hee. Tittle. Seriously, make me one with the new shit, abandon the animal kingdom, I live in a simulated reality, of my own ORGANIC BRAIN, my cerebrum, don’t laugh at it or make me feel ashamed of my organ. There is no more to discuss about this. My mind is no robot, it is like some kind of monkey ape man, made of magic and generosity, nature whipped it up and spackled it into my face and skull which it also created, also.

Like my head is an apple falling from a tree, a tree grew out of the dirt of Earth. I’m a monkey, where did I come from? Mammals? We’re just plopping out more of us, rabbits do it, cats do it, dogs do it, horses do it, flowers do it, bees do it, where is all of this stuff coming from?


Or so it says. Even mankind says it’s God, and we give it absolute total responsibility for everything.

Or we dont! Right? Fuck that shit, get on one side of the fence or the other!

Anyway, I’m out, good luck with all THAT shit, for real, I mean it, one heart to another, fucking GOOD LUCK and TIDINGS to you and yours, I wish you happiness from the fucking void or from the fucking stars, good luck in your endeavors, may you fucking prosper, please, because that helps us all as humanity, we’re wired for this fucking shit, homey, and don’t you forget it.

<o.O<) Other people will tell you this too, don’t forget it.