Tea Tunnel

Stanley was not an out-of-the-ordinary name, until he brought it to planet Neptron. Neptronians do not call their planet ‘Planet Neptron’, because that would just be weird, but Stanley called it planet Neptron during his visits. And oh, were there a few visits to this planet by the originator of the popularity of this name for those people.

I say people, they were people like dogs or cats are people, because Neptronians are aliens. They’re not people, they’re not from the same animal kingdom or galaxy and they have, instead, some kind of ‘monarchical democracy’ when it comes to their puzzle box of genetics, because things were just a hell of a lot different for those fellows, but we call them people because we’re trying to respect their self-will and consciousness.

Not that cats, or dogs, or other animals do not have an idea of who they are, or where they stand in the whole scheme of things. Felines and canines are rife with individual and unique personalities, too, but who really cares that deeply about these things other than those of us trying to define what it means to be alive.

Neptronians! They were alive! They had a language, of sorts, and they also experienced the chain-reaction of particles and matter that we call ‘time’, like we did, front to back, beginning to end. They were not time-traveling robots from beyond the moon, they were living, breathing, language speaking people that faced real problems like ‘What will I have for lunch?’ which is a thought that occurs after ‘breakfast’ because that’s just how time works for them, too. There is no need to discuss this further.

Stanley. This man, if you would consider a 130 lbs. freshman in high school a man, and nobody really considered Stanley to be a man at all, this evident and readily available example of a young man of his kind, discovered… No, he received a package, a mechanical package, from a purveyor of mechanical contraptions, one which could actually travel space and time in a way that was really foreign to us normal one-way goers, in exchange for some shiny coins that Stanley had had in his pocket during the opportunity that presented itself.

It was lunch money, it was usually stolen, so Stanley didn’t really consider himself needing it very much when the trans-dimensional being, by anyone’s standards, asked for the coins, and in exchange, would provide a small box.

“Sure,” Stanley had said, because why the hell shouldn’t he give a being that materialized to him as he was headed to his next class, and materialized in such a way that he remembered the being having always had been there, through all his memories, but temporarily, meaning that when the being left, he would have his normal, un-being-ified memories back, but also the memories with it, too, which were not new, but newly remembered, whatever it wanted or asked for, anyway? It was confusing and everything was always confusing during this time in a young man’s life, so he just said yes to it in the hopes that it would go away and leave him alone, and the coins were taken and a box was left in it’s place.

So later on, Stanley reached into his pocket and pushed the only button on this device. He was transported to planet Neptron, where he ended up popularizing the name ‘Stanley’ among the Neptronians for a little while. Otherwise, his visits were otherwise unremarkable.

For Professor Nipchuck 1-223-8

Final Essay

Stanley K’kllgthz

Professor Nipchuck:

Stanley! I really like how you wrote this story from the viewpoint of one of those aliens! Cool! B+