ransack pillars

In some rainbow jungle or colorblind forest, where creatures exist that can devour a man whole, exists a planet eight times the size of planet Earth and the whole thing is covered in bizarre and terrifying life, as far as I’m concerned. There be creatures magical and wondrous that had never even spied one of our kind in their whole lives and might not ever still, because the giant forest or jungle that inhabits this insanely large Earth-like planet has barely been penetrated by the likes of you or I. I mean, really, what could you or I do if some eighty-foot tall flying thing lit down next to us and just casually attempted to make a snack out of our heads with one big crunch? Run?

That’s what my cousin Marty tried to do, once. He took off a few steps and then huffed and puffed real hard and quit. Bent over and grasped his side, never would he run again in all his years.

I suppose this giant energy bubble we live in helps keep out the worst of the horrors, this big electronic sphere that allows us to slice out a little, thick heaven, boys and girls, or whatever the hell we are anymore these days.

I’m sure the microscopic towns that live around here with the real small folk must think we’re fucking terrifying, little elves or gnomes or ‘monocellular organisms’ or whatever you want to call it, being influenced by our great strides, little pixies brushed out of the way so we can deal with things on a more normal and rational level, like bulls, or large apes, or aquatic animals that are looking for shelter on this ball of trees where we live.

Maybe we can get ourselves to adapt to the environment through drastic and artificial ways. Perhaps we could all become flying creatures, get some nice wings and become something just totally different, someday.

Why not? Do you have a better goal? Why don’t you go find some old, floating archaeological ruins, some forgotten advanced experiment that lasted longer than it’s creator, what with all the mechanized traps and treasures like gum that never, ever runs out of flavor no matter how hard you chew or for how long. When you were done, you could start a little village around this castle in the sky, a little commonwealth of people, taking care of vast technological responsibilities like regrowing back to normal size, with or without wings by preference. Maybe just scoop the awareness out of my mind with a melon baller and serve it up with some ice, floating and calm among the ice and water, I don’t even need a body, I’m so beyond that now. Then these trees might not matter so much, perhaps we can recreate ourselves to be more like little monkeys, getting around easily and freely, with a strong advancement of science as the forefront of our society, propelling ourselves into a vanishing horizon of transformation in a catastrophic and unknown world as this which I am illustrating.

Why did we choose to live on this alternate Earth, fraught with danger?

Probably because it was about a thousand times cooler than anything else we had ever whipped up to live on like the failed Earth 2.0 or when we all put ourselves to sleep and hooked up our minds together so we could live in our dreams together. That was certainly a wild time.