twenty trees

Bandit was a dog that was capable of tasks far beyond the ability of humanity to understand. Hell, the human ear can’t even hear very high-pitched noises and in fact cannot even see in ultraviolet without advanced technology, and if you have ever been to a frat party, I’m sure you can grasp that their are limits for all of us. I’m just saying, when it came to tasks like spinning in circles before lying down, Bandit was light-years ahead of even our most advanced sleepers. We are just not on this dog’s level.

Where does this dog come from? you might ask, because people always have to ask questions like why, and how.

Bandit can chase sticks and also chase high-powered automobiles, because of how meaningless the difference in these objects was to him.

He would spend time in the sunlight, soaking up the rays and dreaming much better dreams than 80% of anybody at any given moment, because his were true and personal to him. I’m sure he could even see the future.

The problem was that Bandit did not know English and lacked any real social ability and was completely indifferent to the plight of humanity. He could have freed us from the prison that is ourselves with his advanced knowledge, but he just didn’t care enough about the problem to fix it.

He died after being alive for almost ten years, or maybe he just went back to where ever he came from and did it from the inside out. Maybe he is chasing all of space and time, now, still pursuing his dogly desires, like shedding, or tearing up perfectly nice things that nobody even asked or wanted torn apart in the first place.

Difficult hombre to understand, Bandit was. He was complex and given to mystery, but was a fierce and loyal friend to the end when the time was right. I never knew Bandit, myself, because I live in this dimension, this reality called Earth. I think Bandit is from fucking Pluto or some alternate dimension or a magical land, maybe, because I never heard of a dog like that in all of my life on God’s green Earth until just now.

But heck, you or I are just a figment of our own imaginations, anyway, so perhaps it is not too far-fetched.