1-Ad Bee

Bone-dancing, enflamed skeletons burning on fire, doused in water and salt, they scour the lands in search of bounty. Crispy heathens, evasive to substance. Literally, these men who were once men, back before the times were before the times, these men were bearded and stout of breath. They used the back of their legs, so they determined, to climb the mountains in search of wisdom and answers.

Were men comparing calf muscles in times of these? Assuredly. I am assured of this because I received a letter from one of these cavemen that in his times he had reasoned out time travel, and it was so. It’s so funny, because his manners and life experiences and upbringing was all centered around savagery and then he became the only one to travel the tides of time in wonder and awe.

Civility wasn’t beneath him, as indeed, it is in all of us creatures, eh? Maybe he wears sunglasses in some of those places, I couldn’t tell you because I wear safety gear all the fucking time.

I make sure not to get kicked in the damn nuts by foots or soccerballs or whatever the hell else wants to come damage my crotch. Fuck you, I say, to that thing. Screw that.

So, moving on, just don’t forget in all of this space and time that there is some kind of thing or force to be reckoned with so good spirits to you. Tip off your hat to some modern jig, some tip-tap romance of flowers and shit. Go and be a festive thing, in mood with the springs, because we are this and time is that.