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They didn’t tell us the icecaps would melt and that octopi would rise to sentience. They didn’t inform us that the octopus would enslave us and with advanced use of technology open up all worlds and lay out the whole timeline for all to see and go back.

We were nothing to them. Deranged, psychotic, an annoyance, we landed against the tides of time and tried to explain our underwater sorcerers and emperors would conquer all.

We were their slaves, their fleshy fur-covered robots because we could love and subdue it all. You cannot just kill an alien race, for then it is gone. We must penetrate the heart of the galaxies. What is a shapeless mass but yearning to be defined?

The octopus said “I will carve my name into the rock.”

“To whom?” we cry. “Who is there to see more powerful than yourselves?”

They were mad and infuriated because they were born of a place in which they were trapped. They soon realized they were the enemy to blind innocence. They could genetically modify themselves, have not heart or memory and strike themselves clean of their conscience rooted in their biology.

They left us one final note before disappearing into the murky soil of unevolution. They said “You must be free.”