horse channel

A terrible hex has been woven in the air above these words, read at your will.  Time is no man.

Hi, and welcome to the fantastic balloon party after-parade, where celebration is a matter of what hour it is.  Have some buttered crumpets and some tea, my dog, and listen as I regale thee.

let us find this little pinhole reality, let us look through the burned crescent of eclipsed moons, let us journey through these insides of wires, tubes, electricity and spells.  I tell you this, I tell you that, quickly these people throw up their signs and I say to thee SILENCE.

Let the winds work in your advantage, if you would be such a person as to need the sustenance of the earth, air, wind or fire.  I can leave not a word, not a word upon the brow of such a man!

They flee, they turn and run and hide and live and invent their society in brand new directions as we travel on and they leave us alone.  I have put them aside, you have believed it, it is fine.  Let us finish our sips of tea and go about our business, exchange for exchange, and we have had it.