capital blues

On an alternate Earth, another life supporting planet somewhere in the galaxy or cosmos, exists two little alien children named Xpptl and Pirmarn. They are both friends in the way we’d understand it here on Earth.  Their dark, lizard like skin provides them adequate protection from the elements and these people tend to have fatter bellies than us hairless apes. They had large pupils and copper colored irises as the light from their Sun was much farther away, these eyes helped them see things as we would on their, by our standards, darker planet, during the day.

They were playing a game called Gimbal and it uses a board with stones and magnets. You moved your piece, either a stone or magnet, depending on your turn, and the magnets were marked with their poles, so you could also flip the magnet to face forward or back. The object of the game was to capture all of your opponent’s pieces. It is quite a fun past-time, especially for these two little orphans of their village, as in their culture, a child was a child of the world, not of the parents, and so the village’s children were taken care of collectively.

They had hair like us, though their rugged and dark skin did not seem like it would be so. They had two main eyes of which to see, with a cluster of smaller eyes supporting them, each large iris surrounded by smaller eyes to view varying wavelengths. They love the game of Gimbal and would play it everyday.