t-bone bowl

Cheer up. This hole of reality is a pit of darkness so deep, there is no return, a lot of people check out, don’t be one of them. Their vacant eyes and absent souls acting on muscle memory, going about their day. Ha ha, I’m just kidding, that’s all of us, to some degree we live out our souls, or we become one with this stuff of this place, maybe both, it doesn’t matter. I can sit here and pack boxes all day, in a giant factory, that releases these boxes to the wild, in some alternate dimension.

Obviously, my escape is my imagination. I’m not necessarily trying to escape reality, but I find it all to be very mundane. Eat, sleep, watch, sleep, do, sleep, eat, go on a trip. Have fun, have friends, chill out, fight sometimes, make up, be alive.

These are all the lessons of the mortal coil, as we spiral are way out. That’s why we talk. That’s why we communicate, we’ve got these bigass frontal lobes chock full of wizardry, and in this we dispel the rumors of a terrifying existence. Lightning oceans washing up on the shores of monoliths of experiential data, splashing back and freeing our fears, releasing the monstrosities of self upon the rubber barrier of what’s behind our eyes, bouncing back and scrabbling before they get sucked out through the mouth.

Splish, splash, I spit hot fire, tasting the absolution of these night terrors. Believe in some kind of cosmic universe where we are no longer set to be chained to the slavery of modern physics. Maybe I’m reborn genetically altered, or maybe they bring us all back to a much larger, futuristic universe that we all can be supported in, and we’re just preparing the way.

The substance of this place is dynamic. One iota of it, say, the atom, once sundered, releases chaos larger and more magnified than you can believe. We’ve pushed our fingers against the membrane of this place and poked a hole to the other side, it’s just true. Welcome to the after-party. Does our guilt make us cower in the event of this towering tree of spiderweb glass cracks we have rendered onto our Earth, burnt hole fragmented and unraveling?

I don’t know.  I mean, it’s kind of cool, but I’m not particularly worried about it.  Everyone can sum up their fears, worries, aches and pains into a general feeling of malaise, and all I mean is cheer up.  It’s brighter out there than you think.  There’s laughter, smiling, people genuinely getting along and it’s inspiring to at least one of us, so be one of those.