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Back when I was a child, a wee child ne’er larger than a toadstool, and I mean a big freaking toadstool from the plyothecausaurus era, a made up epoch in an alternate Earth’s history, I would hear people talk about putting dandelions into a salad.

Never do this.  As a child, I plucked me a little lion’s head looking flower, a weed in some cultures and ate its milky stem.  Not so pleasant tasting, unlike a chocolate candy bar, as was the item I and other little children were mostly after back in our day and age.  You’d hear stories about how soldiers out in war times were giving some refugee kids candy bars, but that these kids were so unused to the way of the candy bar, they developed gastro-intestinal distress.

This dandelion stem I am talking about caused me discomfort, I’m not going to lie.  It is okay, I guess, nowadays, because everybody is wrapped in bubble wrap, probably why these young kids are hellbent on being so psychologically destructive, as they are being given no outlet for the repercussions of dealing with survival, daily.  In fact, kids were mean back then, too.  Depends on how the parents were raising them and if you’ve ever experienced a time where adults were at each other’s throats because of politics, and belief systems they have acquired for themselves, handed down by the powerful, rich and wealthy, then you would understand what a pot the Earth is to piss in.

These are spittoons, these planets are.  I say this with hayseed sticking out of my teeth.  The Earth is a spittoon, I’ll say.  Spit.

Others will disagree, everyone was raised different, that’s why.

It isn’t terribly important.  We must be respectful to Earth, like we should everything else, but it is a giant lump of clay, after all.  We can drill down real hard, and collectively as a species, start spitting into this hole, but when the great and terrible monstrosities eventually arrive forth, sprung from mouth bacteria and a couple hundred or thousand years, you can expect how someone could be so antsy about the whole idea.  I digress.

Listen:  It’s not that important.  You die, I die, we all die.  It’s just the way that things go.  However, we have some kind of spiritual or emotional manifestation on this plane of existence, in so much that we even have a God that is recording all our deeds to judge us accordingly and grant us eternal life, for instance, to name one, and so possibly Egyptians were wrapping up dead bodies and praying to space cats, that you can get that this is a sort of confusing thing for humanity.  The whole thing is, it probably always was.  This is why confidence is so valued.