We’re not in Heaven, I don’t think.  Many people like to look to planes of existence, or dimensional realities as being some type of explanation of why we feel the way we do.  Oh, oh, we live in a feeling world.  A human world, our society, comprised of the actions of our personalities, genetic expression of brain matter, thoughts and ideas, and I suppose at it’s core, feelings.  The emotional ballast to provide us the impetus to raise our heads to the sky and wonder.

I say we’re not in Heaven, because this reality is such a fearsome and mighty one, fraught with perils and danger.  Do not assume otherwise.  Do not assume that the lion will not eat the bear, because the bear does not eat the lion.  Back a million years ago, the stars shining down on the grass of the earth, if there was such a thing as a million years ago, or grass then, these stars were brilliant.  Our artificial light is too much for it now, though.  It is far too close and bright to do the night sky justice, anymore.

Morality, reason, justice, crime, these are elements that are non-existent to the stars and possibly trees, but we humans know what it is.  We may not think it exists, we may not feel as if this is so, but we know of them.  They are spectres or ghosts and clouds of some other worlds, maybe ones we originally came from, or that call us and pull us forward to come home.  It is of no matter, in the end, because we are not choosing these things for ourselves.

We make choices, in a way, don’t let me be so hasty.  Somehow, these universal concepts have found themselves in us, as we can reason out and think of them, and our respective positions, even if we feel they should not even really exist, or aren’t even real, after all.

We don’t just accept the naked brutality of Mother Nature, is all.  We sometimes imagine another, more peaceful scenario, universally.