checkerbox fountain

Ladies strewn about, dancing gossamers and all this, silk cloth trails.  The world of writing is as much about fantasy as it is reality.  Don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way, there is fiction and non-fiction, but there is even a little bit of artifice in non-fiction, because someone, somewhere, figured we could do more than just be cavemen.  Language, ladies and gentlemen, it is inherently a magic of it’s own.

I said ladies twice, gentlemen once, but I believe it’s all up in the air now.  Scientists can make anything happen.  The good old days were the good old days because that’s when everything was fucking normal.  Excuse my mastery of the bad languages!  Listen, for a few thousand years, technology has not rocked us so freaking hard in the skull.   Electricity is a bigass deal, but you go and check the fossil records?  Mankind existed possibly a few hundred thousand years prior to farming and landscapes and airplanes.  Who knows what we talked about, it was a slow start, but boy now does that candle burn on both ends!

Figure that out.  A thousand years ago was the year 1018 AD that was a long ass time ago, but the scientists who are creating black holes in their little lab beakers, and splicing rocks and animals together, and creating the medications that allow you or I to behave what the police consider sanely, are also saying that we were just normal humans for over a hundred thousand  years.  Let me put that into some kind of perspective for you.

100,000 years.   That’s a lot of grandpas and there was no major technological advancement freaking people the heck out all the time every day.  We all know it sucked though.  We’re somehow subject to the laws of nature, but we people always prove our own mastery over the laws of nature and now this technological snowball has definitely caught some momentum.

Enter fiction.  What’s going to happen, people want to know or possibly, what is one way that all this stuff can go down?  Here’s the real answer, I’ll tell it to you, because I’m Keith Bingham.

With power and possibility comes responsibility.  Meaning the questions we are faced with in our days of reckoning while alive on this planet are of a moral nature.  That’s the way it’s always been.  The odd thing about morality is that you can’t really force it on anyone else, or make them believe in it.  Cavemen had moral issues.

Consider this:  Your brain is designed to calculate sensory data and analyze and organize this information into some type of narrative of survival.

Survival, meaning life or death.  That’s why morality exists, because in whatever reality or universe we’ve managed to evolve ourselves into, life grows and dies, so all of morality has some kind of rational foundation.  Anyway, on with the show!

BIG ASS PTERODACTYLS ARE EATING YOUR TIME-SHARES was the original name of this writing, however, it has been changed due to my morality.