Somebody mentions on one of the various social platforms that I am playing role of bull in china shop on that swearing and curse words are bad, and who really still does that in this day and age.  What a great thing to say.  We shouldn’t use terribly passionate words in mixed company.  When I use curse words in my work, I feel like I am alienating people I do not wish to alienate.


It’s not that I’m proclaiming that cursing is good, I’m proclaiming there is no other word to use but a curse word.  “Use a different word in place of a bad word!” a non-psychotic voice in my head says.

Yes, of course.  Buttersticks, I’ll say, when it’s time to proclaim a curse.  Fizzlewax, broad spectrum cable, dice boards  !!?! ! !?! !!  AR AHGGH

Most people understand and can agree on what words are taboo.

This is why I use one of those.  They are dedicated to that role.