Burn one and turn one, man. It’s the end of the yesterday, it’s the beginning of the today, everyday. Hooray. Are we dead? We’ve tried to figure out if we’re dead, and maybe we’re in another dimension, like a butterfly in the jar of some aboriginal scientist. Does sand make glass in Dimension X? Where is Dimension X, give me the answer.

I want there. I want that, homey. I want Dimension X, it’s this dimension, but it’s an alternate reality, it’s just a little bit different.

Reality Realty just called me, they want to get me to buy some property in Dimension X. “Will you move there?” they ask.

“I’ll most assuredly move there,” I said. “Sign me up.”

They debit my account and now I’m left wondering how I’m supposed to get there. Hitch a thumb on the hyperstellar reality gateway, Dimension X or bust. Bring me to the place. Aliens are reappearing asking me if I signed my papers. Not space aliens, aliens to our reality.

<– Reality Aliens–>

I’m checking my SEO now. It says yeah, reality aliens, bro.