Passion 849-a (absolutely normal)

The letters in the sink had gone quite periodical. Literary, and all. The old stuff, the timeless. We ask that you fix your junk first before you step in this house, and I say Ah, ha. Let me see your house then.

It’s just this thing. They ask me to put the key inside the lock on the door and I do it. It’s what I do. It’s literally happening. It’s already done.

It’s that quick. It’s not a hard feat, but a simple one. A simple feat.

What the hell is a feat?

This is where some guy gets on video and shows me one. No, he doesn’t just fucking tell me about it, the guy grabs his balls while he’s 200 feet in the air, flipping skateboards and shit. He gives the metal sign with his hand. I’m frightened. Who the fuck are you?

Bullshit, he says. He is behind us now. We’re frightened, spooked in a clever way.

Welcome! he says.

Man, hush your face hole you great big giant ape, I asked you no questions, now sit on it!

I say this. There is a giant hush on the crowd, because I’m HUGE! GIGANTIC AND MORE THAN THE EYE CAN BEHOLD!

WHOAAAAA!!!! I’m getting larger now, I can feel it. Can you see it? I’ll get it on video, hold on, let me show you.

OH WAIT I’M TOO BIG NOW HUH AND I’M JUST NOT STOPPING WEEEEEEEEE like literally floating off into the sky because of my enormity, planet earth is a marble and gravity is not effecting me, well, it’s putting the earth into my fingertips because I am literally oh wait it’s gone

How did this happen, you wonder? Here, let me fill you in on some details.

1. I’m tremendous.
2. I’m tremendously huge.
3. I know who I am.

That about sums it up, him, them, or her. Or me? Wait, you? Man, it does not really matter at this point. ciao