tops to you

Hi. If I juggled stones, I would be king to the cavemen. They would appoint me in such a seat of power that I would rule for eons. But no, instead, they immortalize the animals and the hunter on the cave wall.

I juggled. I did my time. Who are they to not love me? I had to wait until several modern revolutions and now we’re going faster than the speed of light. That’s fine. That’s scientific, right? How about the science of the unexplained. Stupid men, they had no science, I juggled rocks, yet the spear was a tool, and so they loved them.

I loved them, too. I loved the hunter, the role of a human, you or I or anybody who had to go get meat. You can pick grains all day, and that is fun, too. I won’t lie, some animal comes around the plains, let’s you and him and I go get it. We can fasten sharp rocks to sticks, we’re good with our fingers now. Bash it’s head, roast it’s flesh, you know the fire is delicious for meats.

We sit around, grease running down our chins, fat on our bellies. Juices dripping. Ahh, much better than berries and fruit. Just kidding, God! We like the fat animals, but we almost die, I’ll like to pick some grains tomorrow, and sing in the field all day.

Water and bread and such. Millstones and technology. They love technology. They loved the men who used it.