Nital and Kinley

“Tell us again why you are here,” said one of the two residents of whatever dimension in which Nital had somehow haphazardly and erroneously landed himself. The one who had spoken was green, fur covered and thin, the other was also fur covered, but squat and red. They both stood idly, tapping their fingertips impatiently.
“If you would just allow me to get back to my ship, I could explain everything,” Nital said. He lifted his arms slightly, as his hands were bound together with the native technology, the restraints were stiff on his wrists, and Nitals hands moved slowly and he was unable to flex his fingers very much. It was not painful.
The green figure’s one eye seemed to squint as he peered at Nital thoughfully. “Ahh, your ‘ship’ as you call it. Yes, of course, let us just let you feel free to wreak havoc on our beautiful marmelo gardens again,” it said, rather sardonically.
Nital winced and thought, ‘Kinley, what are these marmelo gardens they keep referring to?’
I am unable to discover the true meaning of the incident they are referring to, the veracity of which I am able to ascertain to a high degree of probability. They truly feel you are the culprit in the destruction of whatever the marmelo gardens happen to be, Nital. My apologies, as I was unable to completely fulfill your request.
‘That’s fine,’ Nital thought.
“Okay, listen, I will try to explain again that I had nothing to do with these ‘marmelo gardens’, but why don’t you tell me what you believe happened, and then I will prove that I had no involvement,” Nital told the green, thin, and fur-covered alien from Dimension #5-2xxxxxxx~~error.
The other being finally spoke up. “Why should I do that?” said the possibly genderless and red creature. “Why must I sit here, and listen to your prattle? Come, I have a better life for you, follow me, mutant.”
Nital was pulled forward by the hooded, three-footed figures. It seemed the restraints oriented on and followed after the pair, and Nital quickly fell in step. ‘What is happening?’ Nital thought.
I do not have a solid answer for you, Nit. It would appear that your form does not frighten these fellows as much as one would think, and it seems as if they want to keep you as a pet. The shorter, red figure seems to be the dominant one of the two, perhaps. I am assessing their hierarchy now.
Their use of language indicates an evolved culture. With almost certainty, they are of Universal breed, with standard deviations.
‘English, Kinley, what does it mean,’ Nital thought.
It means that, put simply, they are of Universal race, with almost certainty.
‘Why are you ‘almost certain’, Kinley?’
I am aware that there was a problem with our travel to our destination, we are not in Avella at the moment, sir, but the dimension’s name is 5-2xxxxxxx~~error– which indicates there is a problem found within taxonomy.
‘Remember when I said to please speak in English, Nital?’
This is not a registered dimension, Nital. I will need to enact specific protocols in order to remain compliant with law and manufacture.
‘Not a– registered dimension?’
I am still working on it, Nit, but there seems to have been a problem in the initiation of our travel. As you are already aware, we did not arrive to Avella. What you do not seem to be aware of is that we have appeared in a dimension that is not officially registered with Universal datacon. It has an extremely minute chance of happening, which corresponds relatively with the amount of people that have used our mode of travel and have become unaccounted for.
‘Oh, great’ thought Nital.
I enjoyed your sarcasm, Nit. I am obliged to inform you that certain amounts of my abilities are limited, due to the unfortunate event that we have hopped into an unknown dimension.
‘Like what?’ Nital thought.
I am unable to discuss them with you.
‘Kinley, I don’t like what you just said to me,’ Nital thought.
I am unable, because I do not know. They have been hard-coded in manufacture, I, myself, do not have access to the information. I apologize, Nit, that I was unable to fulfill your request.
‘So you’re saying that you won’t find out what you can or can’t know or do until it happens?’
With a high degree of certainty, I am unable to access the information until it is presented to me for parsing. It is the extent of my knowledge.
‘I understand,’ thought Nital. He had seen this before, when they were younger. Nital had marveled as a youth that there were limits to Kinley’s powers and understanding. ‘Kinley, I want you to devote more time to studying these people’s languages, their behaviors, their patterns… I want you to start looking for any deviations from the norm, get an idea for what to expect, so we can break free.’
‘Thanks, Kinley,’ Nital thought.
I am just an artificial intelligence module, Nital, but I am yours to command.
‘How long have we been together,’ Nital thought.
23 years. You were four when I was installed.
‘Fantastic,’ Nital thought. ‘We’ll get out of here for sure.’
The degree of probability in which we will get out of here–
‘Save it, Kinley. I’m actually more concerned with something else.’
I am listening, sir.
‘We’re walking,’ Nital said.
I am aware of that, sir.
‘No, I mean, their walking, I’m walking, it’s been some time now, this is really slow.’
Would you like for me to play you some music, sir?
‘No, I mean, who walks anywhere, for any length of time? These restraints they have around my hands are obviously of a superior technology. Why are we still walking?’
Give me some time, let me ascertain the technological level of this civilization in Dimension #5-2xxxxxxx~~error.
‘Also, could you possibly figure out where we are, or why this dimension doesn’t have a name?’
I will return to you the summation of my inquisitive efforts when I have sufficiently reduced the information to a comprehensible level. Might I make a suggestion, sir?
‘Certainly, Kinley’
It may reduce obfuscation if you begin naming some of the things around you in more relatable terms, it would help in the edification process. I can manifest a great deal of information this way.
‘Sounds great,’ Nital thought.