tulips and roses

I feel my fingertips are awash in shiny oil.  Pearlescent kind.  The infinite center of oblivion wrapped around coral, spiraling into a Mobius strip.  Have fun.  Enjoy this radar, my brother.
Don’t ever tune back into your regularly scheduled program.  Leave that shit behind like an overgrown ladder, my hero.
Stay with me, stay with us.  Be here, don’t be there.  xD
I am just kidding.  I am playing your goat.  I’m just having a field day in the baseball fields of Eternia, where flowers grow and horses get around, prancing all prancy like with six fingers.  I mean five legs.  WHAT THE heavens says.  Those places.
The odds, and the numbers, my brothers.  I use the we in the royal sense, as in we are kings.
Long live the King!