color code

Take a breath.  Take a big, fat and deep breath and let it out slowly.  Your lungs are air channels, your blood is a torrent of icy water, your mind is anything you can make it out to be.  We can take our hands and make shadow puppets, twisting and contorting the natural shape to look like some bunnies on the wall, but your mind can play better tricks on you.  It is your friend, confidant, colleague and ally.
Treat it well.  It can do anything in that place that doesn’t physically exist that it is teleporting itself from all the time.  All the time.  Sometimes I call mine up, I phone it in.
Here’s one, it says.  Let’s go through time backwards, every possible reality is spread out before you, each one to dip your icy self into, and splash through these different changes.
Ah, me.  Batten down the hatches, boys.  This pirate ship we’re navigating through the cosmos, chained to our skeleton crew.  Egads, they tell me.  I’ve got crew morale.