I’d say though

Look.  I write words all the time.  I like it, it’s what I enjoy doing.  Throw them up, down, all around, the Merry-Go-Round of the modern verbal platform, skidoo.
Vocabulary has changed over time.  @Roflslice is a real word in the dictionary now.  Kids grow up with programmable *brains*.  Don’t give me any of this horseshit that this future is not real.  It’s crazy!  Technology is mindblowing!  Today’s modern times blow our science fiction books from the last twenty years into smithereens!  It’s like reality fired a great big catapult into our hopes and dreams, ladies and gentlemen.
You can’t help it, I can’t help it, the whole world is stuck like that, forever rocked by the echoes of time.  Congratulations, they say.  Let us in, they say, it’s cold.
Yeah, go figure.  They come looking for bread, they find warmth and a glass of wine, too.  That’s called the hospitality, my egos.  That is the divine providence.  The universe is in entropy, too.  Oh, don’t ask me how.