He said “Galoshes”

Get your damn galoshes on because it’s rule breaking time!  I will not be telling you how to think, I will be asking you to think, and if you don’t want to, that’s fine with me, I’ll do enough for everyone.
Leap heavensward, buster, it’s rootie-tootie, fresh-so-fruity after-school dinner-mint sensation in this house.  Tear down the walls!  Evacuate the steps leading to the doors and let’s take off.
That’s right, we’re flying through the clouds in a house with no doors and you still ask me where we are going.  Let me take off my wig and mask, and allow myself to demonstrate that we are punching a hole in the sky and reaching in and pulling out the wires from this façade we call life, my brothers.  We are dismantling and taking apart the very manifestations of our existence.  We are, in essence, ethereal beings, subsisting on light and air alone, if we want to be.  Now we are minute, little beings living on the drop of water about to fall from the petal of the flower in the wee early of the morning.  We are falling back into dust and becoming one with the earth again, Shaman.  You purveyor of worlds, you traveler, you.  Tell me, and we will speak and talk of other things.