It’s this thing I have to do.  My blood drips black, I wear a ring on every finger, my gemstones dazzle in the darkness.  Drip, drip, drop on the page, candlewax seal and all.  I deliver.  I bring the pizza.
Chase me, the dragon says.  Come catch me, hombre!  He laughs when he says this.  Have you ever heard a dragon laugh?  I have seen the abyss call out to me, it’s chilling laughter, I say I have seen it.
These are words.  I’m stringing them together fancily to medicate your cranium.  Those words above these words are words too, and such as such applies.
I know it’s hard.  Your way is tough.  I know you.  Of whom am I writing to, I wonder?
They ask me this.  They say to me who is.